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There is no free elections, no voting rights. There are no civil rights. The laws, successively enacted by the Spanish parliament, remove any political party, dissident to “The Party Law”, from the electoral spectrum. This way, in the last years, 8 organizations and political parties have been banned with the repressive consequences that this entails: arrests, torture and imprisonment.
The demonstrations and protests against this policy led by the Spanish government are prohibited and the leaders and organizers brought to trial and punished.
Recently, an identical law has been implemented by Turkey against Kurdish parties so that they can ban them and manipulate the electoral representation of the Turkish parliament. The European Commission denounced this fact in 2009 as a serious democratic deficit questioning Turkey’s integration within the EEC The Turkish government justified its actions by arguing that the law was traced word by word to the Spanish Law of Parties, drafted to deal with the Basque insurgency.
The Spanish state maintains a police state in the southern Basque Country. The Spanish constitution, rejected by the Basque population, imposes by way of the weapons (and guaranteed by the Spanish army) “Unity and Integrity of the Spanish State.”
The consequences in the last 30 years are as follows:

-More than 37,000 political arrests.
-7200 tortured (7 deaths directly under torture).
-More than 5000 political prisoners (nowadays around 750).
-Thousands of exiles.
-4000 wounded.
-357 dead (by the police and para-police):
101 deaths from the dirty war.
60 people dead in the streets as a result of police repression.
11 people dead at roadblocks.
31 dead refugees outside their country.
101 militants killed in fights with the police or Civil Guard.
-131 extradited.
-330 people delivered at the border by French police in the hands of the Civil Guard and the Spanish national police.
-4 media closed …
…and it goes on.

Figures might not say much. However, if a comparison with the French state was made ,this is what we would find:
-720,000 arrests because of political causes.
-144,000 people tortured.

– a group of 15,000 current prisoners.

The United Nations Organization consider that beyond 3 armed officers per thousand people we are in what is called a “police state”. In the Basque country, the ratio is 9,3 armed officers per thousand people ( a figure comparable only to Tel Aviv or militarily occupied cities in areas with the hottest armed conflict in the world).

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